Updated Wednesday August 9, 2017 by Robert Elkins .

Take the next step in your Baseball career with our ROOKIE LEAGUE PROGRAM. 

PW PAL Rookie League Baseball is dedicated to developing better baseball players through high level accomplished coaches, HS Varsity hands on assistant coaches, encouraging parental participation and challenging the players to improve through age appropriate competition. 

Join PAL's 8U program and get started on becoming a championship baseball and softball player the PAL WAY!

Program is best enjoyed by 1st & 2nd Grade Athletes and 3rd Graders with limited experience.

As children age out of t-ball but have not yet grown into self-pitch, they had been forced to suffer through agonizing 'coach-pitch' games that do nothing to truly develop the player. Our focus, especially at this age, is on player development. Ultimately it is way more important for the younger player that they learn proper fundamentals than winning any particular game.

This league will fill the gap between t-ball and self-pitch by having a real pitching machine in place. This fast paced real game will provide a great experience for players and fans. Continuing the PAL way of professional coaching, weekly games and practices will be held under the guidance of the Diamond Pro's Coaches. We know this approach works since our older teams continue to win championships and place each and every player on the Middle or High School levels.