12U Travel Baseball

Updated Sunday February 5, 2017 by Robert Elkins .

Go to Sleep-away camp but still want to play Travel Baseball – PLAY FOR THE PW PAL PIRATES


Want to learn the game from the very best baseball instructors around – PLAY FOR THE PW PAL PIRATES


Don't play for the Middle School but still want to play Travel Baseball – PLAY FOR THE PW PAL PIRATES


The PW PAL Pirates play an NJBL Travel Schedule, feature professional coaching, are Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken sanctioned so there are no age or geographic restrictions and are the only local program that plays under the lights.


PW PAL PIRATES PHILOSOPHY There is a balance that needs to be struck between local intra-mural little leagues and win at all costs  travel programs.  There is a better way to do things than well intentioned volunteer parents or the astronomical costs of private, for profit, travel programs. There should be a place where competition and skill development is more important than winning any particular game.  A program where every kid makes the team instead of being cut or slotted to "B" or "C" teams before they're even teenagers.  

PW PAL is that place.  Sports for kids should put their needs first, developmental and otherwise. They should be "kid-centric." These are, after all, kids' sports. In an era of adult-managed games, we sometimes put our ambitions for our kids before their needs; not here.  At PW PAL we use only professional coaches to run our teams.  These experienced college level coaches are able to teach proper skills and treat players fairly since they are not coaching their own kids. Because we are a non-profit we must keep our prices at levels well below private travel clubs.  Because we are a non profit serving the community, we offer scholarships to anyone that needs.  As PW PAL Director, I insist on a culture that focuses on skill and player development.  The simple fact is that the player you are at 10 or 12 is never the player you could be at 15.  Learn to play the game the right way, instill a love for the sport into every player, bond with your teammates so that you've made friends that can last a lifetime and then the fact that we also have great on-field success is truly secondary.

Our programs are open to all regardless of experience, location, ability to pay or any other program you may be part of.  Players must be disciplined, focused, and coachable.

All PW PAL teams are coached by outstanding professional coaches, not volunteer parents.  John and Chris Zucci are our lead instructors, they are truly remarkable, talented, coaches.