Outdoor 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament

Updated Wednesday May 10, 2017 by Robert Elkins .


3-Week Competition 12 Game Guarantee, Boys and Girls in divisions 5th – 10th Grade

DAY: Starting on or about June 4, 2017 GAME TIMES: will vary, some weeknights under the lights LOCATION: PAL Basketball Court (325 Main Street) FEE: $150 per team (minimum 4 players per team) or $50 individual registrant.  All individual registrants will be placed on a team.

REGISTRATION: Join with friends. Tell us your scheduling preferences. Games primarily Sunday afternoon / evening and Thursday nights. The courts have lights.

SCHEDULING: All efforts will be made to accommodate schedule preferences. Please indicate when registering.

RULES: 1) This is a 3 on 3 ½ court tournament. At each scheduled game your team will play three (3) games. Each game will be played to 11 points win by 2 or straight 15. (7/11 for 5th /6th Grade Division). 2) Each possession must be taken 'back' (ball beyond foul line or 3 point line) EXCEPT air-balls. 3) 'Winners' out. 4) Each regular basket is worth 1 point, 3 pointers worth 2. 5) Games will be refereed with no shooting fouls BUT foul shots taken after 6 team fouls.  Any technical foul is 2 shots plus possession.  6) Zero tolerance for fighting or abusive language towards referees.