Have you really gotten experience?

Updated Saturday September 2, 2017 by Robert Elkins .


The D-Backs Softball Experience is a new concept in local Softball but a model followed all over the Softball Universe. The model is simple: Start at the youngest ages and teach the fundamentals of the Sport BUT do that utilizing experienced, age appropriate instructors. Use special age appropriate equipment and rules and don't worry about keeping score. For the more experienced player, female sthlete specific information on conditioning, nutrition, recruiting, college eligibility and more will all be available.


Learn to throw properly: Box step and throw!


Learn to catch properly: BOTH hands up, tracking ball with eyes.


Learn to swing properly: Hands up, elbows down.


Learn Windmill pitching using the Jennie Finch system: Pray-Dive-Open-Close


Learn to base-run like a softball player: Track style lead, slide into bases.


Once these skills are honed and we have developed fundamentally sound softball players with a knowledge of the game, they will be ready to move on to competitive Travel Level play.