Floor Hockey

Updated Tuesday November 7, 2017 by Robert Elkins .

PW PAL Floor Hockey is back! Come to Daly and play real games while also learning all the basic fundamentals of the sport. The group will be broken down into appropriate teams based on a combination of age, size and ability. Floor Hockey rules will be enforced by an adult referee. Cross checking, high sticking, slashing, and similar violations are major penalties. Full speed checking is not allowed, jostling and digging for the puck are encouraged. There is a ZERO Tolerance policy for fighting. Games will be played 6 on 6 with 9-10 players per team. 2 adult referees will run the games and coach the teams. HS age assistant coaches will keep score and assist with the program. Each game will consist of three (3) twelve minute periods, if the game ends in a tie, there will be a shootout.

DAY: Wednesday's starting January 3, 2018                                 LOCATION:  Daly School Gym
TIME: 730- 830                                                                              FEE:  $125