Updated Tuesday January 23, 2018 by Robert Elkins .

PW PAL Monday Night Flag Football

Spring 2018 we offer the only outdoor program around. Jamel Ramsey, former professional football player, former head coach Schreiber HS, current head coach Nassau Community College runs the program. Learn proper fundamentals so you can continue to play the sport without fear of injury.

In this recreational league, players will learn technical football skills, teamwork and sportsmanship through clinics, team practices and game play. The first two weeks will consist of skills clinics and evaluation. Players will then be placed on teams with a lead coach from the Nassau Community College Football Team. During weeks three and four, players will practice on their new team. The rest of the term will feature games against other teams within the league. The coach will work with players on catching and throwing in a game situation, running form, running a route to completion and defensive and offensive formations.