U8 Rookie League

Updated Monday April 30, 2018 by Robert Elkins .



Rookie League is developmental and focused on our mission of improving a player’s baseball fundamentals, skills and knowledge of the game. Promoting good sportsmanship, team play and fun are the most important lessons we try and instill in our athletes.


We will actively assist in helping our players understand the game more strategically, stress learning baseball fundamentals and development of core skills for each and every participating child. As all players develop at different times, it is important that we work with all players to ensure that they develop a lifelong love of the “game”.


We ensure that all players play equal amounts of time and have exposure to all positions. Our ultimate goal is for the players to have fun and learn the game.

Basic Rules:


U8: 1) 5 innings or 75 minutes no new inning. 2) 3 outs / 5 runs / or once through order except last inning. 3) NO WALKS. If kid throws 4 balls, coach comes in to finish batter. 4) NO Stealing or leading. 5) 1 base max advance on all overthrows. 6) 2 inning per game pitching limit. 7) Every kid plays in every game. Every player must play at least 1 inning of infield and outfield. 8) 60 foot bases, 35 foot pitching distance.