U10 Minors League

Updated Monday April 30, 2018 by Robert Elkins .


The Minor’s U9/U10 Division is focused on the division’s guiding principles of improving player’s baseball fundamentals, skills and knowledge of the game while promoting good sportsmanship, team play and fun through a supervised program of competitive baseball.

Our primary goals for the league are for the players to have fun and to foster a positive, learning environment. We will actively teach baseball fundamentals and promote team play and good sportsmanship.

Minor’s is the entry level of competitive baseball divisions that play on the “small fields”. This means the use of umpires for calling balls and strikes, base stealing is introduced, game scores are recorded and team standings are maintained. The division follows a modified version of the Cal Ripken Baseball rules.


Basic Rules:


U10: 1) 6 innings or 90 minutes no new inning. 2) 3 outs / 8 runs / once through order except last inning. 3) 3 walks max per inning. After 3 walks pitching distance shortened to 40 feet. 4) Lead when ball crosses home plate, 3 steals per inning, no stealing home. 5) 2 base advance on overthrows. 6) 3 inning per game pitching limit. 7) Every kid plays in every game. Every player must play at least 1 inning of infield and outfield. 8) 60 foot bases, 46 foot pitching distance.